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Whilst the award winning blog is still going strong, we have now started our own exclusive unisex jewellery range.

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Friday, 27 April 2012

Momocreatura is certainly not “Nearly Dead”

These morbid jewellery pieces are from Momocreatura (Twitter - @MomoCreatura).  They are inspired by fairy tales, and the vision of designer Momoko Taura's own fantasy world and her childhood memories. Momocreatura is for people, who dress to express themselves, and who are curious to glance into another world.  Something we at Maketh-The-Man like the sound of. So go forward my lovelies, and accessorize your body!

Mawi sample sale

It's here!  Mawi are holding a sample sale next Tuesday the 1st May 2012.   We have been given exclusive access to some of the pieces on sale.  Get down there for 9am before it is all gone!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Let me be the pool boy!

Ill admit it, this post has NOTHING to do with accessories.  However, it was so blooming cool that I had to write about it.

Under the title of “The French Job”, luxury Swiss watch brand, Maurice Lacroix is looking for 4 bloggers to travel with them to the French Côte d’Azur for two weeks in June to follow and document the diver Sébastien Murat as he attempts to break the freediving world record by diving 703 feet beneath the sea level.

The team will cover the activities on the ground in English, German, Russian and Chinese. Also needed is a video-blogger, a Wordpress expert, a personal assistant and a pool boy, and their job will be to report on Séb’s mission internationally.

Men and women of at least 20 years of age, holding a valid passport and suitably qualified for the position sought may apply to become team members online via Facebook. Applicants who receive the most votes from their fans will have the best chance to be one of the lucky participants.

Honestly, Ill be happy just to be the pool boy!  Ill even wear speedo's if I have to. Vote for me now.

Property of can be your property from Opumo

'We have no name' would've been an odd name to call a range of bags and wallets, so instead this collection thought about what it's owner would call it.  Well remember when your mum wrote on your new school bag 'Property of xxxxx', well these clever chaps called their brand just that.

'Property of' is a brand from Singapore that makes durable, lightweight and very much functional products.  Their goal is to to produce bags that age well, and take on the unique character of their owner, wrinkles and all.

Now Property of is finally available in the UK from Opumo.  Check out their collection of bags and wallets, whilst you can.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Our friends from the states have sent me a beautiful BLOCK HEADWEAR trilby to give away to one of my lucky readers. This beautiful fabric panel fedora has a black rim, with grey paneling and a cheeky blue ribbon bow tie (a nice little touch).  To win this trilby all you have to do is follow me on Twitter and send me a tweet at @manaccessories stating why you should win i.e. I should win the block headwear trilby because......  You have until the end of April 2012 to enter. Then I will pick the best answer.

If you want to know more about BLOCK HEADWEAR, these guys are based in the States and make simple yet relaxed headwear for men.   The actually means BLOCK (head) and WEAR (hat), the name given to a piece of carved wood that hats are molded around with steam to give their shape i.e. they are BLOCKED.

Friday, 20 April 2012

My new sunglasses from Kings of Past?

So I am after a new pair of sunglasses for my summer holidays. I am thinking of going for a retro pair, and have stumbled across Kings of Past (Twitter - @KingsofPast). These guys are a full service vintage eyewear company that work with collectors, consumers and vendors to offer the largest selection of branded vintage eyewear under one roof. One of our favourite brands is Cazal, and our pick of the bunch is featured above. What do you think?


Our friend Mawi (Twitter - @MawiLondon) has just launched their new Autumn / Winter 2012 collection, and what a collection.  Using rose gold and hematite across a number of different designs, the collection is filled with pearls, gemstones, crystals, and our favourite spikes!

Mawi’s pieces are those that are bought, worn, collected, cherished and treasured. Transcending seasonal whims and appealing to those of all ages and tastes, Mawi has well and truly captured a niche in the fashion market for contemporary costume jewellery. Marrying together her love for trinkets of yesteryear and a bold contemporary vision, Mawi’s collections provide an ornamental meeting place for the past, present and the future.

I also hear on the down-low that Mawi is having a sample sale on the 1st May in London. More details to follow on this....

Monday, 9 April 2012

Are you an Americano or Italiano Sandast bag?

This is Vintage Done Right. Established in 2006, Sandast has only one goal: To create the most beautiful, high quality, vintage-inspired leather bags and accessories. 
Every piece of Sandast is handcrafted. Milan Franeta utilizes old-world tradition and craftsmanship of unsurpassable distinction and quality. Sandast’s bags are not just manufactured; they are born from a historical relevance, marrying beautiful leathers with elegant shaping and mixing it with imported European hardware for functionality.
"My interest in art and design, which started at a very young age, transformed to design and fashion throughout my life. I still paint and use a lot of those elements in my work. To me, art and design are synonymous."
 –Milan Franeta
Sandast offers two very distinct personas of vintage leather goods. American Rugged - Made in USA, it is rough and tough, rebellious by nature; the dirtied messengers, rucksacks, and duffels look like they have been perfectly aged by dirt, terrain and rain only the American landscape can apply. Italian Vintage - made in Italy, the alter ego collection, Italian Vintage is sleek, elegant and polished, this collection is made for smooth operators who can wear the bowtie, suspenders, and neatly folded pocket-square. So which Sandast bag are you?

Thursday, 5 April 2012

McLaren has a new driver - Links of London



Links of London (Twitter - @Links_of_London) have teamed up with McLaren to create a collection of men's jewellery and accessories.  Launching in April, Philippe Cogoli; Links  of London's head of design for watches, men's jewellery and accessories, told us that working with McLaren had been an inspiration.  He had worked closely with the  team, even including a visit to their manufacturing plant, to identify elements of the actual F1 car that he could use within this collection.

This culminated in the pieces using brushed metal, matt finishes, interlocking sections of stainless steel, keviar and a patented McLaren screw (an exclusive for Links, as until now it was solely used within McLaren cars).  Jewellery is now firmly in the fast lane!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

You've got to have a Pure Brass Neck to wear these

The 'About Section' of Pure Brass Neck's website starts with:

'The workshop of Pure Brass Neck (aka Ellen Wilson) is a place like no other - where dismembered plastic gorillas topple over giraffes without bodies...'

Now this is one of the best openings to a website we have ever seen.  Talk about being inspired to read more!  So we did, and found out that Ellen Wilson creates striking and dramatic pieces of jewellery that don't take themselves, or the owners, too seriously.

A brilliant concept from a truly creative individual from Bonnie Glasgow.  Now I wonder what Ellen would make of our bug bracelets?  Maybe we could create an 'Attack of the giant insects' scene using her Park Life pendants?