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Whilst the award winning blog is still going strong, we have now started our own exclusive unisex jewellery range.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A box for a gentleman by Hannah Livingston

The Box Neckpieces
The Black Box Cufflinks

The Edward Pin
Today's man should be a gentleman at all times.  To spread the word of all things gentlemanly wouldn't it be brilliant if he could carry around little cards with his worldly wisdom written on them to pass on to other chaps?  Well with a Gentlemen Box from Hannah Livingston (facebook)this can now happen.

The range is based on practical and ornate wearable furniture for the body, which looks as though they could've existed for decades.  Get them while you can, so we can bring back a touch of chivalry to the modern man.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fabulously creepy jewellery from Moon Raven

3D Bronze Ribcage Necklace
Personal Wrecking Ball Necklace

Sterling Silver Raven Claw Ring  - Bird Crow Corvid - Moon Raven Designs
The Master Inspectors Magnifier
We do love a bit of jewellery from the dark side every now and again. Letting our inner Vader come out we can across Moon Raven Designs (facebook page).  For over 30 years these lovely but a tad creepy pieces have been coming out of Vancouver and making their way around the globe. We particularly love the magnifying glass necklace.  Always handy when doing some clandestine midnight work.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Get some Prairie Oats

Everyone likes to have their oats.  Especially when stuck on the prairie, with nothing to do but some gentle but firm oat making.  Whilst we were thinking of such escapades, we came across Prairie Oats.  These are beautifully crafted recycled vintage jewellery pieces available from Etsy.

So go forth my naughty followers, and get some oat making action whilst wearing these rather fabulous pieces.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Dreaming of a natural Norway with Nina Einarsen and Iselin Stromsvag

So it has been a restful weekend.  We have been dreaming a lot since our last blog, and wouldn't you know it we had a reoccurring dream.  Again, we found ourselves dreaming of Norway, but with a more magical twist.

This time our Dreams of Norway were filled with designer duo Nina Einarsen and Iselin Stromsvag.  They create unique Norwegian nature inspired jewellery from silver, stone, cystals, feathers, wood, horn and leather.  So off to bed again soon, to see where our mind takes us next.....

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Maketh-The-Man wins best men's fashion blog 2011

New men’s accessory blog Maketh-The-Man (@manaccessories) has beaten off competition from heavy weight men’s fashion sites including FHM Style and The Sartorialist to win best mens fashion blog 2011.

Run by top sustainable and bespoke shirt company Solosso, a poll has been running for the past 3 weeks to find the best men’s fashion blog. With over 80 other sites in contention, a top 5 started to emerge early with each blogger driving votes for the poll via their own Twitter accounts.  The final weekend saw a clear winner with Maketh-The-Man taking  top spot, as the final results below show.

·         Maketh-The-Man (@manaccessories) - 26%
·         Fashion Beans (@fashionbeans) -23%
·         Blokely Style (@Blokely) - 18%
·         Style Flavors - 8%
·         The Dandy Project (@thedandyproject) - 4%
·         Dapperlou (@DapperLou) - 3%
·         Style Salvage (@StyleSalvage) - 2%
·         FHM Style (@FHM_UK) - 2%
·         The Sartorialist - 1%
Notes to Editors
  • Maketh-The-Man ( is a blog on men's accessories created and run by Callum Watt in 2010. It was created to showcase men's accessories from around the globe ranging from jewellery, bags, belts, scarfs, hats and anything else that can embellish a man's outfit.   
·         Solosso was incorporated as a Swiss-led Singaporean company in 2009 on the guiding principle to run a transparent, environmentally friendly and socially responsible organisation that provides the highest quality and stylishly tailored custom dress shirts for men, for an affordable price.

For more information and images:
Callum Watt

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Maketh-The-Man is your favorite men's fashion blog

For almost 3 weeks now the online followers of fashion have been voting for their favorite men's fashion blog. Solosso (Twitter - @solosso), a sustainable but affordable high quality bespoke shirt company, has been running the poll with over 80 different men's fashion blogs.   The contest was a close one, with some of fashion's biggest bloggers in the list from Fashion Beans, The Dandy Project, and Individualism.  But with only 9 votes between the 1st and 2nd place, we are delighted to announce that Maketh-The-Man came out on top!

Thank you to all our fabulous followers for making this happen, high five!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Lie back and dream of Norway

Gandhi was once quoted as saying 'A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.'  Well if we have anything to do with it, then we are dreaming of Norway and this fine selection of beads. Jewels of Norway was established in 2010 and offers hand-made pearl accessories.

We always thought that a pearl necklace would make our black little number the talk of the town, and now we can make it happen.  Thanks Norway!
Jewels of Norway was established in 2010 and offers hand-made, stylish designer jewelry. The pearls and crystals in our jewelry are hand picked and characterized by precious stones, swarovski crystals and 925 silver. We are located in Hegdehaugsveien 29 in Oslo - Norway. "Jewels of Norway - Where Jewelry is an art"

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Going Japanesa with Thomas Sabo

THOMAS SABO's Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection has gone all Asian on us.   'Pop goes Asia' unites the symbol-rich world of the Far East with influences from more than 3,500 years of high Asian culture, urban dandyism and Kung Fu fighters.  Wow, what a mix but we like it.  Panda Power!!

Monday, 4 July 2011

No Regrets by Stephen Webster

'No Regrets they only hurt' a once famous singer sang...  But Stephen Webster would have something to say about that.  No Regrets is part of his new men’s silver collection Alchemy in the UK

Taking inspiration from the British Punk Rock era, Alchemy in the UK reflects on iconic record covers, fanzines and fliers from the 1970’s and 1980’s punk music scene.

“By depicting the union jack flag using rose gold, black rhodium and silver studs we put a twist on a British punk rock reference.  Never straying far from the music, we turned to the icons of the punk era to create the latest in our line of men’s collections.  It’s been exciting for us to watch the popularity of men’s jewellery grow and we’re always proud of how well received our men’s lines have been over the past 10 years,” comments Creative Director, Stephen Webster.

Well we tip our bowler hat to you Stephen.  Another job well done sir.