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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tina Lilienthal is Dead Cute

When we were younger Tina Turner used to be our favorite Tina around.  However, although we still love shaking it to some 'Nutbush City Limits', there is a new Tina in town.

Tina Lilienthal (Twitter - @TinaLilienthal) makes custom jewellery with a dark twist from her London workshop.  There she cunjours up her 'Dead Cute Jewellery' fusing popular culture with a dark human side.  Her latest collection has been captured in her new sexy lookbook, which can be found in full on her Facebook page.  Ding Dong!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Maketh-The-Man Weekly Ed. 4

Maketh-The-Man Weekly is out!  Check out top stories from London Fashion Week, and our contributors.  What more could you want from your weekly men's fashion magazine.

Papped for Microsoft Windows Phone

Boy Meets Fashion (Twitter - @JamieLondonBoy) was asked to write a review on London Fashion Week's menswear day for Microsoft Windows new phone, and guess what he papped us!  To read the review you can view it via a Windows mobile phone via the 'into' app or go to their facebook page, 'like' it and view the 'into by windows phone' tab.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

LFW Menswear Day AW 2012 for BSB

Check out our report on menswear day for British Style Bloggers here.

Friday, 24 February 2012

T.Lipop fights back Asger Juel Larsen at LFW Menswear Day AW 2012

Back up Asger Juel Larsen, it's T.Lipop's turn now and boy does he have a punch.  A show filled with interesting accessories especially in the form of our favourite accessory, THE MAN BAG!  Adorning the bags were an array of gorgeus fur's, an umbrella and even a couple of pots and pans (think 'gift with purchase' when you buy the bag).

If that wasn't enough T. Lipop finished off the fight with an all mighty jab when he introduced interesting long metal chains with pendants, and even a gold faced watch.  Now that's attention to detail! T. Lipop proudly took to the stage and punched the air with glee to signify his delight at winning the LFW Mid-Weight Vauxhall Fashion Scout Belt.

T.Lipop vs Asger Juel Larsen LFW Menswear Day AW 2012

The hotly anticipated fight of the season was at Vauxhall Fashion Scouts T.Lipop vs Asger Juel Larsen shows.  Up stepped Asger Juel Larsen (Twitter - @AsgerJuelLarsen) first (pictures above) with a massive right hand of a punch, softened with beautiful Russian Ushanka's.  Larsen followed up with an upper cut of leather trigger finger gloves, but watch out T. Lipop was about to fight back!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

James Long LFW Menswear Day AW 2012

James Long has done us proud.  I love seeing when a designer not only concentrates on the main outfit, but also how they can accessorize it.  The AW season due to its cold, and frosty nature lends itself to accessories perfectly, so it makes sense to showcase them.  Well James Long's view on how to accessorize in the Winter months, is to wrap up warm in over sized cuddly knitted scarfs, whilst clutching your lovely manbag.

Black again made a strong appearance with the majority of trousers and belts in this shade.  Of particular note was the gold detail on the leather belts, with models tucking their jumpers, jackets, shirts into the back of their trousers to show the belt detail off.  Something we welcome, as it may finally cancel out the low slung 'show your dirty pants to the world' trend.

London Fashion Week Menswear - Gieves & Hawkes

Savile Row Tailors take note, 2012 may well be your time to shine again.  With the focus on the UK due to the Olympics and other major events, the world is watching.  So get your best outfit ready boys, as first impressions count!

A little unsure about how to accessorize that 3 piece suit, then look no further than Gieves & Hawkes (Twitter - @GievesLondon).  This London Fashion Week they presented the press with an exclusive viewing of their new collection. Beautiful and bold colours were the order of the day on silk ties and our firm favorite, pocket squares.  A simple but yet elegant way to accessorize.

London Fashion Week Menswear Day Street Style


Menswear at London Fashion Week always brings out the best in the Capital's chaps, and for AW 2012 they didn't disappoint.  Accessorized from top to toe they had it all on show.  Bow ties, with neck chains were another strong trend coming through thick and fast, whilst bags of different sizes with embellishments of fox tails, and metal chains were another favourite.  For more on our London Fashion Week Menswear Day images, check out our facebook page.

Tatty Devine vs Claires Accessories

A accessory 'David vs Goliath' fight has exploded on the UK high street and online over the past few days.  Much loved London designer Tatty Devine (Twitter - @tattydevine), famed for her acrylic jewellery, seems to have had a number of designs stolen by Claires Accessories (Twitter - @ClairesStores).

From the images above, whilst we can overlook the moustache and glasses (these designs are too generic to be claimed as a clear cut copy), the dinosaur and fish skeletons do look like they have been copied.

For more commentary on this, have a look at Tatty's blog post here.  It is causing such a Twitter storm that Claires is trending at present!  The outcome is TBC at present, but we are watching to see if David wins through.