Friday, 3 February 2012

Blown away by a Spicebomb

Question: How do you launch a new premium men's aftershave, and get people talking about it?

Answer: If you are Viktor & Rolf, you engage and excite online influencers (bloggers) with an exclusive underground event.

Last week, alongside 25 influential bloggers, I was invited to the Charlotte Street Hotel for the launch of a new fragrance by V&R.  A champagne reception greeted us, with a speech from their brand ambassador.  All very 'same old, same old' for the majority of the bloggers there.

However, halfway through the speech two henchmen burst in and demanded that we put down our drinks, put on our coats and followed them to 'really experience V&R'.  We followed......

As we marched out of the hotel's beautiful surroundings, we were escorted to a NCP car park lift round the corner, and taken to the 5th floor.  As the doors opened we were greeted with darkness.  Then a small TV in the distance flicked on and Victor & Rolf appeared and introduced the new fragrance with the TV ad, darkness again.  As we edged forward into the darkness, another massive screen switched on with a 'SPICEBOMB' countdown.  When the countdown hit 0, there was an explosion of confetti, and spices.  The lights flicked on, the DJ started up and sampling staff with the fragrance, cocktails and canape's filled the room.  Viktor & Rolf's new fragrance SPICEBOMB had officially launched!

After all of that, we can report back that the fragrance is actually very tasty! Although, we were blown away with the ultimate detail of the bottle, by releasing the pin of the grenade bottle you unleash the fragrance.  We certainly are primed now!


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