Saturday, 23 June 2012

London Collections Men: Pauric Sweeney

We have so much content to upload from London Collections Men that its taken a little longer than expected. Mainly down to the fact that there was not only a whole floor dedicated to men's accessories, but there were so many of them on show at the, well, shows.  This is indeed a great, and momentous thing. Not only was menswear representing, but accessories were as well.  Something we were proud to see.

Amongst the accessory floor, we found Irish Designer Pauric Sweeney.  Although originally from the Emerald Island, he can now be found in Italy creating the most beautiful bags for women, and now men.  London Collections staged the platform for the designer to launch his new manbag collection showcasing the most beautiful soft leather ever on every bag.

With a host of international stores already stocking, and a new flagship store in London opening soon, this is one to bag man to watch.


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