Monday, 9 April 2012

Are you an Americano or Italiano Sandast bag?

This is Vintage Done Right. Established in 2006, Sandast has only one goal: To create the most beautiful, high quality, vintage-inspired leather bags and accessories. 
Every piece of Sandast is handcrafted. Milan Franeta utilizes old-world tradition and craftsmanship of unsurpassable distinction and quality. Sandast’s bags are not just manufactured; they are born from a historical relevance, marrying beautiful leathers with elegant shaping and mixing it with imported European hardware for functionality.
"My interest in art and design, which started at a very young age, transformed to design and fashion throughout my life. I still paint and use a lot of those elements in my work. To me, art and design are synonymous."
 –Milan Franeta
Sandast offers two very distinct personas of vintage leather goods. American Rugged - Made in USA, it is rough and tough, rebellious by nature; the dirtied messengers, rucksacks, and duffels look like they have been perfectly aged by dirt, terrain and rain only the American landscape can apply. Italian Vintage - made in Italy, the alter ego collection, Italian Vintage is sleek, elegant and polished, this collection is made for smooth operators who can wear the bowtie, suspenders, and neatly folded pocket-square. So which Sandast bag are you?


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