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Whilst the award winning blog is still going strong, we have now started our own exclusive unisex jewellery range.

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Friday, 28 October 2011

A warrior is born with Mouton Collet

We get very excited when we come across an uber cool and slightly quirky collection, so to say we were jumping for joy when we came across Mouton Collet is an understatement.  These guys state they are 'warriors of jewellery' in this collection and the head pieces, bracelets, pendants, head scarf's defiantly do that.

One of our favourite pieces is the man bag alternative holster.  A brilliant accessory that will bring out the Bugsy Malone in all of us.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Get spanked by Elliot Rhodes belts

There are many uses for a belt; some use it as a functional item to keep their trousers up, others use it as a statement piece for their ensemble, whilst a few others can be heard screaming 'bend over, someone is getting a spanking' for an entirely different use to the belt.

Whatever your tipple, one thing is for sure that Elliot Rhodes (Twitter - @ERbelts) has a belt for you. Their philosophy is that the humble belt should be the vocal point of any outfit so they have made it the star attraction. Nice thinking Elliot!

All of their belts are handcrafted in Italy or Spain using traditional beltmaking techniques to maintain the leathers durability. What's more they can be customised anyway you want. Simple pick a belt, pick a buckle and hey presto, you have your own unique statement piece.

Now what was I saying, oh yes......'Bend over'.........

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Versace and H&M do math

Versace + H&M = excited!  What more do we need to say?  Oh yeah, its arriving in a store near you on the 17th November.  Check out more pictures and prices on our facebook page.

Thomas Lyte and his manbag of tricks

We do love a manbag at Maketh-The-Man, and a classic example of one can be found with Thomas Lyte (Twitter - @ThomasLyte).  This brand is synonymous with English design and luxury, with some of their pieces even featuring a pillar box's kicking plate or a Spitfire's tail fin.

Our pick of the bunch are the classic range featuring traditional laptop bags to the dirty weekend away bags, and all available in black, brown, slate or even mustard. Ohhhh mustard!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mawi does it again with Pyramids

The ever expanding brand that is Mawi, has just launched it's new Spring / Summer 2012 collection.  Now whilst the collection is certainly more geared towards ladies, there are a number of pieces for the gentleman amongst us.

This can especially be said for the Pyramid which combines tribal influences with modern graphic materials and shapes.  Signature box chains, pyramid shapes, cylinder tubes, neon pearls and Swarovski crystals all combine to complement these pieces.

Now we know on the grapevine that Mawi is about to launch her very own new men's collection, so watch this space for an exclusive peek soon.

Monday, 17 October 2011

More on the 'man clutch'

Check out our latest blog post with British Style Bloggers on one of our favourite topics, the 'Man Clutch'.  Should a man wear a little bag?  Yes of course he should, don't be asking us such silly questions!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Lee Paton likes a fox

My good friend Lee Paton (Twitter - @lee_paton) recently held a wake for his past collection.  The curious and wonderful turned up to sample some tasty Hendriks Gin (Twitter - @hendricksginuk) cocktails and say our found farewells to his woman and menswear pieces.  He has designed items for Lady Gaga, Paloma Faith, and British Royalty to name a few.

Our favourite part of the night was when we were lucky enough to try on the 'fox harness'.  An accessory masterpiece from Mr Paton, who combined his love of taxidermy with fashion.  Anyone interested in learning a bit more about the old art of taxidermy should try one of his short course here.  We have, and left with a beautiful white pigeon.

Look out for Lee's next collection coming soon!

Alex Monroe does it for the British

We have written about Alex Monroe (Twitter - @agmonroe) before, but have lately come across some of his new exquisite but quirky jewellery.  Featuring typically British things from bumble bees, old school bikes, and tea cups these hand made pieces are a really great way to celebrate our nation.

Established in 1986, Alex once said:

‘I like people who like my jewellery. they are not slaves to fashion; they tend to be more concerned about personality and craftsmanship.'

We agree with that Alex!  Tip of the hat to you sir.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Boom, Bang, Wallop with LoveBullets

'Love' and 'Bullets' are not often two words that you put together unless you are watching Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet.  However, the clever chaps at LOVEBULLETS have done exactly that.

LOVEBULLETS is a creative house representing a visionary frontier in fashion, art and ideology by inverting traditional symbols of destruction and transforming them into works of art.  Their first collection ‘Amo Ammo’ consists of silver and gold plated miniature reproductions inspired by the high end ammunition.  Pieces in the collection include elegant beaded mortar bomb pendants, matching grenade rings and bracelets and cool mini army hat pendants.  BOOM!