Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Get spanked by Elliot Rhodes belts

There are many uses for a belt; some use it as a functional item to keep their trousers up, others use it as a statement piece for their ensemble, whilst a few others can be heard screaming 'bend over, someone is getting a spanking' for an entirely different use to the belt.

Whatever your tipple, one thing is for sure that Elliot Rhodes (Twitter - @ERbelts) has a belt for you. Their philosophy is that the humble belt should be the vocal point of any outfit so they have made it the star attraction. Nice thinking Elliot!

All of their belts are handcrafted in Italy or Spain using traditional beltmaking techniques to maintain the leathers durability. What's more they can be customised anyway you want. Simple pick a belt, pick a buckle and hey presto, you have your own unique statement piece.

Now what was I saying, oh yes......'Bend over'.........


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