Monday, 18 June 2012

London Collections Men: Have a Hanky Hat summer

Of all the things that I thought I would find at London Collections, I didn't think I would find a Hanky Hat. I did though, and it was a craze that swept over every chap at the weekend, and will continue over the summer.

The history of a handkerchief hat can originally be found from the UK industrial age, when workers first started having holidays but couldn't afford special summer clothing. Later it became a comic cliche with Monty Python rocking the look. Today, it was been resurrected by the chaps at Dashing Tweeds and modernised for today's dandy.

The new hat is a cross between a flat cap (at the front), and a knotted handkerchief (at the back). The craze is set to continue with the Hanky chaps recording a cheeky song this week, to be released on iTunes. Watch this space for an update on when you can download the full track and watch the video.


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