Friday, 24 February 2012

T.Lipop fights back Asger Juel Larsen at LFW Menswear Day AW 2012

Back up Asger Juel Larsen, it's T.Lipop's turn now and boy does he have a punch.  A show filled with interesting accessories especially in the form of our favourite accessory, THE MAN BAG!  Adorning the bags were an array of gorgeus fur's, an umbrella and even a couple of pots and pans (think 'gift with purchase' when you buy the bag).

If that wasn't enough T. Lipop finished off the fight with an all mighty jab when he introduced interesting long metal chains with pendants, and even a gold faced watch.  Now that's attention to detail! T. Lipop proudly took to the stage and punched the air with glee to signify his delight at winning the LFW Mid-Weight Vauxhall Fashion Scout Belt.


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