Monday, 20 February 2012

Amy Keeper likes it vintage

'Kiss' Bracelet

'When you dream' pendant
'The Dandy' cuff-links

'City Gent' cuff-links

Vintage is a buzz word these days.  Vintage pop up shops, vintage car boot sales, vintage suits.... the list goes on.  Often these 'vintage' items for sale are just second hand rubbish that no-one wanted in the first place, however people have caught on to the vintage trend and re-branded second hand as vintage.  Clever marketing really, so one must tip the hat.

However true vintage pieces are often much harder to come by.  Modern day pieces inspired by vintage elements are event harder, but we think we have found someone that has done just that.  Amy Keeper (Twitter - @AKJewellery) is a jewellery designer inspired by characters from vintage postcards.  Her designs often take a snippet of a story from the bygone times and capture it with a couple of words.  'The kiss' bracelet sums this up beautifully.


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