Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fabulously creepy jewellery from Moon Raven

3D Bronze Ribcage Necklace
Personal Wrecking Ball Necklace

Sterling Silver Raven Claw Ring  - Bird Crow Corvid - Moon Raven Designs
The Master Inspectors Magnifier
We do love a bit of jewellery from the dark side every now and again. Letting our inner Vader come out we can across Moon Raven Designs (facebook page).  For over 30 years these lovely but a tad creepy pieces have been coming out of Vancouver and making their way around the globe. We particularly love the magnifying glass necklace.  Always handy when doing some clandestine midnight work.


Mike and I thank you so much for including us in your blog.
Mike & Dianne Doyle
Vancouver Island, B.C.
Moon Raven Designs

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