Friday, 19 August 2011

Filson knows how to make a man bag

Leather Field Satchel
Wool Field Bag-Small

The Carry-on Bag-Small in Otter Green

Wheeled Duffle-Large
Since 1897, Filson have been knocking out the most beautiful bags for man.  Back in the day, they may have had some rope, a knife, money, compass and to be honest who knows what else in those nifty bags.  Now a days though you are more likely to find headphones, ipod, sunglass, wallet and a mobile phone.  So is there still a need for such classic bags?

The answer can only be HELL YES!  The modern day dandy may have moved on, but our love and requirement for a good bag is still there.  Whatever the occasion be it at the office, the cocktail bar, the weekend away, the shooting range... the list goes on and on...

So thank you Filson, keep up the good work, for a man bag is our new best friend.


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