Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Robert Burns likes a haggis and a Sgian Dubh

Black Coronet Sgian Dubh Damascus Blade
Black Coronet Sgian Dubh Damascus Blade

Matt Pewter Celtic Sgian Dubh
Full Heathergem Handle Sgian Dubh

It's Burn's Night, so it is time to celebrate a true Scottish poet, alcoholic and womaniser a.k.a. Robert Burns.    For many this will mean tucking into a haggis, and sipping some whiskey.  However, one must remember the only way to serve a haggis is by cutting it open with a traditional sgian dubh.

The Sgian Dubh (Gaelic for Black Knife) was originally a concealed weapon, tucked into a Scotsman sock, but it has become tradition to keep the top of it viewable to show the wearer is amongst friends. However, the law in the UK is a little challenging, with the police educated to show 'common sense' if someone is wearing one.  For more info read here.

We at Maketh-The-Man salute Mr Burns, so be standing my fellow ladies and gentleman and a toast to our national hero.....  SlĂ inte! (slanj'-uh; often shortened to just slanj)


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