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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Maketh-The-Man Weekly is out

For all those fashion forward people that love to read, we now have our very own weekly paper.  The publication collates all fashion related stories from the past week, and pulls them together into one lovely page.  Sign up for weekly updates, and to read the paper here.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Give me a Beast of Burden

Some may know 'Beast of Burden' as a song by The Rolling Stones, however we know it as a beautiful collection of crocodile bags.  Since 2009, Richard Taylor and Virginia Chiarelli have been creating  these unique accessories using the highest quality natural skins and working in partnership with local indigenous communities.

So we present you our Beast of Burden for 2012.  Enjoy!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Police love Luke Evans

There is a new officer in town in the shape of Luke Evans.  This week he was in town to launch the POLICE 2012 eyewear collection at DSTRKT. The new collection focuses on their iconic blue lenses which they have been famous for since the 1990s.  A number of celebrities were in attendance, but I found my two favorite celebrity fashion friends in the shape of Prince Cassius and Aizak Buyondo.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

MFW John Galliano AW 2012

Who is this chap John Galliano?  Ohhhhh yes, that's right, that 'guy' in the cafe.... Anyway, not resting on a drunken designers crazy thoughts, brand Galliano handed over the resigns to Bill Gaytten for autumn / winter 2012 / 13.  Thankfully Bill did not disappoint with  his accessories, with belts making a statement on macs and trenches, models rocking beautiful hats from fedoras, to berets to military caps.  Whatever next for Galliano?

Robert Burns likes a haggis and a Sgian Dubh

Black Coronet Sgian Dubh Damascus Blade
Black Coronet Sgian Dubh Damascus Blade

Matt Pewter Celtic Sgian Dubh
Full Heathergem Handle Sgian Dubh

It's Burn's Night, so it is time to celebrate a true Scottish poet, alcoholic and womaniser a.k.a. Robert Burns.    For many this will mean tucking into a haggis, and sipping some whiskey.  However, one must remember the only way to serve a haggis is by cutting it open with a traditional sgian dubh.

The Sgian Dubh (Gaelic for Black Knife) was originally a concealed weapon, tucked into a Scotsman sock, but it has become tradition to keep the top of it viewable to show the wearer is amongst friends. However, the law in the UK is a little challenging, with the police educated to show 'common sense' if someone is wearing one.  For more info read here.

We at Maketh-The-Man salute Mr Burns, so be standing my fellow ladies and gentleman and a toast to our national hero.....  SlĂ inte! (slanj'-uh; often shortened to just slanj)

Monday, 23 January 2012

MFW Burberry Prorsum AW 2012

Gold star Burberry!  I could almost stop there for this post, but I won't as it would not do justice to such an incredible show and array of accessories.  Christopher Bailey and his team certainly pulled out all the stops with a collection called 'The Gentleman' featuring country side dandy, mixed with dapper English gent.

However, it was the accessories that stole the show.  The man-clutch made a number of appearances, again cementing it's rightful position in a chaps wardrobe.  Ornate umbrella handles with clever 'carry me anywhere' straps were a nice touch. Spiked leather gloves, and bags brought a more gothic twist to some classic designs.  Whilst the over-sized 'dirty weekend away' bags should send every man running to book that trip away, just to take joy in packing his pants into it.

So Burberry Prorsum, it's a gold star from us. Top job!

MFW Bottega Veneta AW 2012

Blue was the colour for Bottega Veneta's Milan's Fashion Week.  Well that plus some skinny jeans and some over sized Cuban heels, BUT what about the accessories??????  Well we were presented with an array of ties, over-sized scarfs and some discrete wrist wear.  Nice job Mr Veneta, now can we have one of those scarfs?  It's chuffing freezing in London still!

MFW Neil Barrett AW 2012

Another British designer doing it in Milan this week, was Neil Barrett (Twitter - @_NeilBarrett_).  His show was filled with classic cuts, and beautiful layering, but his accessories were a little sparse.  What we did see were some lovely hold-alls, lots of snoods, and some nifty wrist warmers.  Keep it up Neil, but lets see some more accessory focus next time.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

MFW Vivienne Westwood AW 2012

Oh Viv you have done it again!  Not only did you nail it with the ever present Vivienne Westwood crown motifs, mix and match check and plaid, but you also didn't forget about the accessories.  Tartan bags, gloves, cheeky looped belts, beautiful scarfs, and lets not forget the frosted beards......  We loved it all, but now I wonder how much the frost is going to be?

MFW Paul Smith AW 2012

Paul Smith brought some British cool to Milan this weekend with his AW 2012 show.  Over-sized leather and canvas bags, 80's cool sun-glasses, and some interesting flashes of coloured slim line scarfs were the focus, but the main accessory on show was the 'beard'! With the stand out model's of the show, wearing them off with pride, it's obvious that we should chuck the razor for this coming season.