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Whilst the award winning blog is still going strong, we have now started our own exclusive unisex jewellery range.

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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mantyhose are an abomination

We were invited down to Sketch for a party with a difference.  Emilio Cavallini (Twitter - @emiliocavallini) was launching his unisex tights, MANTYHOSE.  Yes, I said it, MANTYHOSE.  Please note, that whilst I am open to men pushing the fashion boundaries, this is NOT acceptable.  Anyone seen walking around in these should accept a good punch in the face from everyone that walks past them on the street.  That is all...

Friday, 30 March 2012

Lee Paton's AW 2012/13 collection is one to admire (or he will stuff you)

My good friend Lee Paton (Twitter - @Lee_Paton) introduced the world to his new AW 2012/13 collection last night, and we were granted exclusive access backstage to capture the event in all of its glory.

Guests were greeted by the lovely chaps of Hendricks Gin, who had created some very tasty cocktails especially for the night.  As we awaited the opening of the show room, a video of Captain Scott (who the show was themed around), played on a wall.  The party was in full swing, and the best bit was still to come.

With the opening of the show doors, a slightly merry (thanks Hendricks) crowd filled the room, and the show began.  Patrick Wolf opened it with an accapella folk song written using Captain Scott's last words, and continued into a requiem Patrick wrote for his expedition.  A moving tribute to a great British legend, and a tear could be seen on the biggest bears in the room.

As the music continued the model's took to the catwalk.  Lee presented us with a collection that we can only admire.  Using his trademark love for taxidermy accessories, there were flashes of white pigeon, horn buttons, rabbit mitts, and some cheeky fox ear-muffs.  Never have we been delighted by every outfit on a catwalk, but Lee did just that.  It was a show to behold, and it was polished off with more gin inspired cocktails, and cupcakes.

Roll on the next collection we say, and watch out London Fashion Week as there is a new kid in town and he is coming to stuff you.

For more pictures from the night, check out our Facebook page.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cardissimo would make Patrick Bateman jealous

I love American Physco, especially the scene when Patrick Bateman and his friends are comparing business cards. The expense that the chaps went into getting their business cards embossed or gold printed is fascinating. However, imagine if they had pulled out some carbon fibre business cards! The looks of admiration and envy would be brilliant!

Well we have found just that card in the form of CARDISSIMO. Each card is made from a single sheet of special carbon fibre, and features the owner’s choice of graphics, lettering, colour and graphic design. As a result each card is individual and unique to its owner.  

They also do a range of business card cases in carbon fibre or hardwood.   So stick that in your pipe and smoke it Bateman!

Harrod's loves some Ralph Lauren

We were lucky enough to be invited down to Harrod's for an exclusive tour of the new Ralph Lauren department.  The new space is the biggest in Europe, and as the lovely buyer stated 'Every aspect of the new department had been considered to hero the Ralph Lauren brand'.  It is certainly impressive, and we particularly loved the extra merchandising touches from polo sticks, to cricket balls and vintage bags.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Lee Paton EXCLUSIVE Preview AW 2012 Collection and Show

With only 3 days to go until Lee Paton's (Twitter - @Lee_Paton) AW 2012 / 13 show, we were invited into his studio for an exclusive sneak peek of the collection. Never to disappoint we found Lee and his team hard at work putting the finishing touches to beautiful leather straps, engraving antique horns, and embellishing with some rather fabulous beads and embroidery.    
 Of course, with our love for taxidermy our favorite pieces will be those with a little animal magic.  Although we cant say too much yet, here are a couple of sneak peeks of the team at work on a white pigeon.
Lee's much anticipated show is on Thursday the 29th March 2012, and is inspired by the centenary of Captain Scott's legendary, but ill-fated expedition to the South Pole.  With Hendrick's Gin (Twitter - @HendricksGinUK) already crafting some new cocktails in honour of the show, and Patrick Wolf (Twitter - @_Patrick_Wolf) performing on the night with his string quartet, this is going to be one not to miss.  To Lee and Captain Scott we salute you and your endeavours.

Free Vintage T-Shirts from Jeremiah Weed

I am not ashamed to admit that I like a tasty wee drink.  Usually its some type of cocktail drank from a Martini glass in a lovely cocktail bar.  Oh yes, we do love a French Martini! However, as my taste buds develop and rum enters my life I find myself more and more drawn to their distinct spicy, dark, flavoursome and lime topped tastes.
So with the taste buds in full educational mood, I was delighted to welcome Jeremiah Weed into my life.  The craft chaps at Jeremiah have made two very unique brews:

- Jeremiah Weed Root Brew, brewed with a hint of ginger
- Jeremiah Weed Sour Mash Brew, brewed with a hint of bourbon
Both have hints of what I imagine Southern America's drank back in the 1900's, but these brews are much more refined and tasty! With a load of ice, and a squeeze of lime, you can kick back and enjoy these at selected bars only.
And why are we banging on about alcohol you may ask?  Well we love spreading the news about any good drink, but more importantly the we have been given 20 FREE VINTAGE T-SHIRTS.  To claim your free t-shirt, just send me a note at, and ill let you know what you have to do (you have to enter a code on their facebook page).

Friday, 23 March 2012

Causing a STORM with Storm watches

Support your queen and country this season with British brand STORM and their new collection of Union Jack inspired watches, well it is the Jubilee after all!  From 1989 Storm have been recognised as THE British watch brand on the market today, and have expanded into jewellery, bags, eyewear, sleepwear and fragrances.

I have a found memories of Storm, as I remember receiving my first one on my 18th birthday. Seeing them go from strength to strength is a great thing, with the UK marketplace so tough over the years. I especially love their limited edition pieces, including the new Trilogy, which is limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide.  Although the Nesis (below) is also pretty darn cyber cool!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tom Davies is a Wizard

There are many famous Tom's in the world.  Tom Jones, Tom & Jerry, and now Tom Davies (Twitter - @tdtomdavies).  Mr Davies is the only frame designer worldwide who offers a bespoke frame made to measure service.
Born out of his desire to revolutionise spectacle wearing, Tom produces frames that are truly bespoke, using an individuals measurements, face shape, colouring and personality to produce one off, luxury, frames for his couture clients.
He also offers a ready to wear collection, which now include Transitional lenses.  So the eye-wear geeks out there would want to know that:

'Using the most technically advanced, patented photochromic dyes, imbibing processes and trans-bonding techniques, Transitions and Tom Davies are offering a new perspective on spectacle wearing'

I'm not so sure what this means either, but basically the lenses change colour if you are in bright sunlight, and then change back again if you are not.  Wizardry now comes in a lens!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Topman Generation Magazine and the new face of motor racing

At only 20yrs old, Ollie Webb is set to become a big name in the world of Motor Racing. Over the past few years he has been working his way up the racing trail, and Topman's Generation Magazine caught up with him off the race track for an exclusive Interview and photo shoot. The in-depth interview explores how an enthusiastic nine-year-old go cart racer has turned into one of the brightest young stars of international racing, destined to be one of the stars of formula one, and we like his accessories too.

Checkout the exclusive photos and interview on Topman Generation Magazine out now!

Tatty Devine bites back with Accessories Online

Hot on the heels of telling 'Claires Accessories' to f%^k off, Tatty Devine has partnered up with another accessory store to sell its range.

Accessories Online the on-trend e-tailer that sells a host of exciting jewellery brands is now proud to be retailing the new Tatty Devine range, including our favourite Dinosaur necklace. Did you know that fifty bones make up the dinosaur's body, which hangs from a hand-beaded strand of seed beads, and that It's reversible!? Well neither did we, but we do now, so can sleep well at night.... Unless T-Rex is one of our bed bugs.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Moodys silk bow tie for all occasions

We have just come across an excellent accessory site, called Moodys (Twitter - @MoodysWorldwide).  It stocks all sorts of classics from cravats, pocket squares, cuff links and of course many mighty silk bow tie 

We were lucky enough to receive a RABBIT SILK BOW TIE, and how lovely it is.  First of all the packaging and bow tie bag were a real surprise.  Then came the actual bow, which had been crafted from the most beautiful red silk and gold.

Oh we can feel some more dandy outfits coming on now, but how would you wear yours?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Want a wallet? Check out Wanted Wallets

noah lambert wallet - the uni-fold | chestnut

pre-order: dosh wallet - magic | vader

dosh wallet- luxe (3 card) | piano

bellroy wallet - the note sleeve | cocoa

nooka wallet - ao | blue

Its not everyday we come across an online shop that is truly unique, but we have done just that with Wanted Wallets (Twitter - @WantedWallets).  All the way from Bonnie Glasgow, Wanted Wallets source the most unique brands and styles from all over the world.  We love their take on a man's money pouch, especially the use of bold colours and different formats of wallets.  Now I wonder, can they find me a mini Sporran that I can keep my coins in?