Friday, 23 September 2011

The 'bug bracelet' takes over #LFW

For sometime now we have been waiting for London Fashion Week's Menswear Day, and then on the 21st of September it hit.  Team Maketh-The-Man descended on Somerset House to spread the accessory love via our exclusive 'bug bracelets'.

Our bugs have been especially sourced from bug farms, and set into clear resin to ensure we capture the bug in it's most natural and perfect state.  Once the resin has hardened, then we can do anything with it.... and so we created a limited edition give-away for Menswear Day.

The fashion boys (and girls) certainly loved the bit of taxidermy we were giving away, and we are now busy making more.  If anyone would like us to create one using a specific type of bug, let us know.


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