Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pebbles does jewellery differently

In our global search for amazing jewellery shops, one from my nations capital introduced itself. Pebbles  (Twitter - @pebblesjeweller) is tucked away on Jeffrey Street in Edinburgh, and offers beautiful jewellery to those lucky enough to grace its store.  Distinctive and different is how Kevin and Val describe their stock, as they allow emerging designers to have the opportunity to be showcased.  Something that we salute at Maketh-The-Man.

Pebbles is Scotland's only stockist of Bjorg jewellery, which we have featured previously.  So it was with great delight that on my visit to the store, we were fitted for a rather sinister but beautiful Bjorg invertebrate ring.  The attention to detail, customer service and after sales can only be described as excellent and something that other stores should follow when looking for a best in class example of how to run a store.

For those keen to see the ring, check out our Facebook page.  For anyone that's in Edinburgh, go check out the store.


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