Thursday, 22 December 2011

Investment bags from Zagliani and Harrods

Zagliani Ostrich Skin Bag

Zagliani Crocodile Skin Bag
We really do love a man bag at Maketh-The-Man, so we were really interested to hear about the two new bags from Zagliani.  These beauties are new to Harrods of London, but you'll need a very well off Santa if you expect to find one in  your stocking.  The Crocodile skin bag is priced at £14, 050 and the Ostrich at £6,750.  The reason for the hefty price tag is that the animal skins are injected with silicone, and botox to even out the skins tone to make them feel buttery soft. Mmmmmm buttery soft, just makes our mouth moist!


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