Friday, 9 December 2011

Kirk Originals celebrates 'Beam'

Last night saw Maketh-The-Man hit the party scene with our favourite eyewear brand, Kirk Originals, to celebrate the anniversary of their flagship London store.  As part of the fun times, Jason Kirk was also in attendance to showcase his new collection 'Beam'.

'To celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2012, we wanted to launch something really special.  'Beam is unique, combining technical advancement with aesthetic beauty and made entirely from acrylic.' Jason Kirk

Basically, they are shiny and available in multiple colours so like the magpies that we are at Maketh-The-Man, we just got to have some!  Which pair do you think we suited the most?


LOVE those!!! In need of a new pair of specs actually!

I own the turquoise and yellow Dusty frames you were wearing. I love them so much, they help me stand out in auditions, and total strangers ask about them constantly.

Ohhhhh you are one of the lucky ones. Keep rocking those Kirks.

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