Friday, 2 December 2011

The Shirt Companion and Vivarati Socks keeps you tight and erect

We like a test at Maketh-The-Man, and so we set out to find a solution to the age old problem of shirt's untucking themselves from ones trousers.... naughty shirts, bad shirts, dirty shirts stay where you are for gods sakes!  Alas sometimes they don't, so the test beganth.

So we came across a rather nifty invention called 'The Shirt Companion', by Sharp and Dapper. Originally called the Derby Sock Suspender in the 1920's, these chaps have brought it back for the modern day man.  It works by attaching one end to the bottom of your shirt, and the other to your socks. Thereby keeping your shirt tucked in and your socks pulled up.

However, a 'Shirt Companion' doesn't work without the right sock.  But what's the right sock Maketh-The-Man I hear you cry?  Well, we are looking at a dress sock situation here boys, so it was fitting that we came across New York based company Vivarati (Twitter - @vivaratisocks).

They state they are 'redefining the men's fashion dress sock market' by offering great quality dress socks with a modern design.  A particularly nice touch is the 'guidelines' segment pages, which is offered on each sock style page to suggest clothing pairing options for your socks.

We had our solution then, so we put them both to the test.  The 'Shirt Companion' worked very well.  It pulled our shirt tight, and our lovely stripy socks up.  It might have felt a little odd at first underneath our trousers, but you soon forget about that. Thus the test ends.


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